Characteristics of China’s foreign trade in the first eight months


First , the growth rate remains at a relatively high level .

  In January-August , imports and exports continued their high growth momentum since the fourth quarter of last year . Year-on-year,imports and exports increased by 23.7% , exports by 23.2% and imports by 24.4% , respectively , the highest levels in the same period in 10 years . In terms of the average growth rate in the past two years , imports and exports grew by 10.8% , exports by 11.2% and imports by 10.3% , maintaining double-digit growth .

Second , the trade structure continued to improve .

With closer cooperation with emerging markets , the share of exports to emerging markets increased by 1 percentage point to 49.8% , boosting overall export growth by 12.5 percentage points . Exports continued to climb up the value chain , with exports of mechanical and electrical products rising 23.8% , up 0.3% points to 58.8% . The competitiveness of the private sector has been strengthened . The export growth rate was 5.1% points to 57.1% , boosting the overall export growth rate by 15.5 percentage points . Chinas capacity to develop its own trade grew . Exports of general trade increased by 26.3% , accounting for 61.2% of the total , up by 1.5 percentage points.

  Third , the innovative development capacity of foreign trade has gradually increased . From January to June , the export of cross-border e-commerce grew by 44.1% . From January to July , market procurement trade exports grew by 41.6 percent . There are more than 1,500 foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises , more than 1,900 overseas warehouses with an area of more than 13.5 million square meters , and about 130 bonded maintenance projects have been completed .

  Four , it made outstanding contributions to national economic development and gave a strong boost to economic growth . In the first half of this year ,exports accounted for 27.9 percent of GDP growth , a 10-year high .

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