Cooperation with Thai customers: electro-galvanized aluminum fixing sockets customization journey


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1. About our Thai customers

2. fixing socket process

3. Delivery Commitment

4. Professional quality inspection



In the dynamic landscape of the construction industry, building strong partnerships with clients is critical to success. As a leading manufacturer of precast parts, our commitment to delivering quality products has led to an exciting collaboration with a well-known client in dynamic Thailand. This cooperation not only proves our strength in producing fixing sockets, but also demonstrates the global influence of our electro-galvanized aluminum fixing sockets.Click to learn more.


1. About our Thai customers


1.1. Get to know our Thai customers


Understanding your customers’ unique needs and expectations is a critical step in any successful partnership. When exploring the Thai construction market, we invested time and resources into understanding the specific requirements of potential clients. Conversations with local construction professionals, attendance at industry events and market research allow us to gain an in-depth understanding of the complexities of Thailand’s built landscape.


1.2. Interludes encountered in cooperation


The road to collaboration is always full of challenges. Our process of connecting with clients in Thailand is no different. Overcoming language barriers, cultural differences and different business practices requires adaptability and open communication. However, our unwavering commitment to finding common ground and mutual understanding allows us to overcome these obstacles and build stronger bonds in the process.


1.3.Build trust and cooperation


Trust is the cornerstone of any successful partnership. Through transparent communication and delivering on our promises, we have gradually built a foundation of trust with our Thai counterparts. Collaborative efforts, shared problem-solving, and a shared vision for excellence in architectural practice became the catalyst for an evolving partnership. The exchange of knowledge and expertise further strengthens the bond between our company and our esteemed Thai customers.


It only took twenty days from mailing of samples to customer confirmation of bulk shipments. This achievement comes from our unwavering commitment to providing professional services, providing high-quality products, and ensuring competitive prices that meet customer expectations. Seamless fit. We are proud to receive this order and remain committed to upholding these standards in all our endeavors.


2. fixing socket process




We can produce fixing sockets of various materials, including stainless steel, Q235, Q345, 20#, etc., and can also be customized according to customers' special needs. Our Thai customers expressed a need for high quality aluminum fixing sockets that could withstand the harsh conditions of the Thai construction industry. Understanding the importance of durability and corrosion resistance in such an environment, we recommended the use of electro-galvanized aluminum fixing sockets. This process not only increases the material's longevity, but also provides an extra layer of protection against the elements.


2.2.Surface treatment


We can provide surface treatment such as primary color, hot-dip galvanizing, electro-galvanizing, etc. For metal castings and forgings, our more commonly used surface treatment methods are mechanical grinding, chemical treatment, surface heat treatment, and surface spraying. Surface treatment is to clean the surface of the workpiece. Cleaning, deburring, oil removal, scale removal, etc.


2.3.Safety factor


Our sleeve has a safety factor of 3 times, and there are many factors that affect the safety factor. To sum up, the following are: whether the form of failure is clear, whether it is static load failure or fatigue failure, whether it is yield criterion or fracture criterion; whether the strength criterion established is reasonable, whether it is stress criterion or life criterion; whether the calculation method used is accurate; Whether the quality control during manufacturing is strict; the importance of the parts themselves and the degree of reliability required, etc.


2.4.CE/ISO9001 certification


Our factory strictly implements ISO 9001 quality management system, and the building accessories also have CE certificates.


3. Delivery Commitment


Recognizing the urgency of our customers' needs, we commit to a two-month lead time. This schedule is carefully calculated to ensure that our electro-galvanized fixing sockets arrive at the construction site in Thailand within the stipulated time. We use rigorous planning, efficient manufacturing processes and streamlined logistics chains to meet and exceed customer expectations.


4. Professional quality inspection


Our quality inspection team will randomly inspect various indicators of the product. During the inspection process, we will also conduct breaking tests, salt spray tests, surface flaw detection and other tests to ensure that you can buy with confidence and use with peace of mind. We also have an experienced freight consulting team to find a more suitable freight company for you. You can receive your goods faster and at a better price.


As these ten tons of electro-galvanized aluminum fixing socket embarked on the journey to our valued customers in Thailand, we reflected on the beneficial experience of building cross-border bridges. This partnership is more than just a deal; It is a testament to the power of understanding, trust and shared purpose. We look forward to contributing to the success of our partners in the Thai construction industry, knowing that our superior precast components will play a vital role in the realization of their ambitious projects.

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