Wire Loop Ring Clutch

Product parameters

1. Description

1)The Wire Loop Ring Clutch shares similar specifications with the standard Pin Anchor Ring Clutch, but is distinguished by its inclusion of a wire rope lifting chain attachment. 

This feature enhances flexibility during the lifting process, particularly beneficial when handling elements with edges susceptible to contact with the Ring Clutch chain attachment link.

This design minimizes the risk of cosmetic damage to the concrete.

2)Tailored to accommodate Pin Anchors and Recess Formers specific to the chosen load category, this product includes a built-in safety mechanism to prevent mismatching of load groups. 

Each clutch is assigned a unique item number and is accompanied by a corresponding numbered test certificate, providing assurance that the item has undergone rigorous testing.

2. Detail Information

MATERIAL20Mn2 / Q345D / CM490 / Stainless Steel / Customizable
SURFACE TREATMENTRaw Black / Electro-galvanized / Hot-dip Galvanized
SWL (tons)CODELENGTH(mm)C(mm)D(mm)DS(mm)
1.25RC0125-20-03203205220dia. 8
5.0 RC0500-27-059559510536dia.18
10.0 RC1000-50-070270215050dia.22
26.0 RC2600-72-1570157020672dia.32

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