The shipping cost between China and America double up,even ten times higher


Since June 2020 , the shipping cost has started to climb sharply because of the short of containers and overload, which lead that it’s so hard to order containers more generally.

However, from the beginning of 2021 , the cost of container ordering has doubled up , even 10 times higher. The sellers in cross-border trade never anticipate that before.

Eight major trade lines rose 333% year on year , so that suppliers are afraid to take orders.

Recently , according to the display by Drewry World Container Index , the rent of a 40-foot container from shanghai to LA rises to $9631.That’s up 5% from the previous week and up 229% from the same period last year.

The data reflect that the comprehensive index of eight major global trade routes rise to $8796. Freight rates are expected to rise further.

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