On the 19th July , 10 steel mills raised the ex-factory price of construction steel by 20 to 100 yuan/ton.


On July 19,the domestic steel market prices rose across the board.Tangshan Square Billet Factory stable quoted 5180 yuan/ton. Due to Friday night future goods sharply higher, plus billet continued to rise over the weekend,steel spot market continued to rise today,but the volume of poor performance , speculative demand cautious.

On July 19 , the average price of 20mm three-level seismic rebar steel in 31 major cities was 5,344 yuan/ton , up 68 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day . Due to Friday night future goods sharply higher , driving the weekend spot market rise , the morning most of the domestic construction steel prices continued to rise over the weekend . From the point of view of transaction , due to the middle of the spiral down , the spot market trading atmosphere performance is general , up after the transaction is not smooth , speculative demand is cautious . At present , driven by the mood , the spot market rose continuously . However , due to the recent demand is still in the off-season , the overall momentum of the rise slightly insufficient , the spot market by the disk and policy factors disturbance . 20 domestic construction steel market prices are expected to rise or slow , beware of high fall.

Since July , steel market prices have rebounded significantly , stimulating speculative demand to pick up , and downstream terminals under cost pressure are still purchasing on demand.

Due to the recent steel mills profit improvement , the enthusiasm of production has been improved , but taking into account the continued high temperature makes the electricity load increase . The southern part of the electric furnace plant may limit production . The overall recovery of steel production is limited.

Due to the recent improvement in the fundamentals of steel supply and demand , coupled with the reduction of crude steel production in many places to stimulate the short-term steel prices are still running at a high level . However , with ministries again focused on commodity prices , and off=season steel demand continued doubts . Steel price chasing risk is also increasing.

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