Rebar a week down more than 100 , billet profit 320 , steel prices are expected to rebound.


This week , the national construction steel price shock lower , the main reason is that the macro indicators released at the beginning of the week are lower than expected level , especially the estate data slowed down , leading to a big discount market demand expectations . Period spiral disk fell sharply , the release of market pessimism , prices also with the emergence of a substantial decline . At the end of the week , the low stage of the snail rebound , the national transaction concentration volume , the price to stop falling rebound .

As of August 20 , the national average price of 20mm three level rebar 5245 yuan/ton , week on week down 115 yuan/ton . The average price of 8.0mm HPB300 high line was 5541 yuan/ton , down 108 yuan/ton week on week . 

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