How to do cross-border export e-commerce for seasonal products


1.Seasonal products are divided into many kinds,festival type , cultural type , region type ,conventional type , differentproducts in the selection , stock , promotion will have some differences , but the principle remains the same .    2. Prepare half a year to a year in advance , and the general schedule is as follows : search for new products half a year in advance , stock goods 4-5 months in advance , and promote the products in the period of rising popularity . The overall effect will be much better . In the later period began to promote the product , for the next season to pave the way .

3. The selection of seasonal products , starting from fixed elements to make different variations . Different elements have different audience , traffic and competition degree .

4. Make replenishment 3-6 months in advance . Maximum inventory = maximum sell-out period/minimum estimated sales . Estimated sales cannot be calculated according to conventional averages and must be flexibly calculated according to seasonality . Early fill less , the middle is easy to repeatedly out of stock . Immersed in the explosive single in the pursuit of victory , it is very easy to overstock .

5.With the increasing competition of seasonal products , simple low-price cold start , differentiated products with high price , and multi-link shop may not win steadily . From the selection of products to the combination of promotion .

6.Gross margin must be the core objective , gross margin must be the core objective , gross margin must be the core objective.

7.For larger categories and product lines , it is recommended to consider multi-SKU and multi-ASIN stock.

8. Pay attention to infringement and patent complaints . There are many patent pitfalls in seasonal styles .

9. Pictures and copywriting , be aware of trademark infringement.

10. Do a good job in promotion and advertising matrix , with consumption habits/ASIN grading as the core , and do keyword brushing + accurate benchmarking + category blocking .


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