Galvanizing Process and Application Guide for Structural Pipe Fittings


This article introduces in detail the two main galvanizing processes of Structural Pipe Fittings: hot-dip galvanizing and electro-galvanizing, including their respective process principles, operating procedures, applicable scenarios, and price comparisons. Hot-dip galvanizing is suitable for use in humid or corrosive environments due to its thick zinc layer and excellent corrosion resistance; while electro-galvanizing is suitable for cost-sensitive and drier environments due to its cost-effectiveness and dry environment properties. Application scenarios. This guide aims to provide customers with professional technical information and practical advice to help them choose the most appropriate galvanizing process based on their specific application environment and economic budget.


Galvanizing principle


1.1. Principle of hot-dip galvanizing: Hot-dip galvanizing is a process in which steel is dipped in molten zinc to form a zinc alloy layer on its surface. This process uses the chemical reaction between iron and zinc to achieve the combination of the substrate and the coating, thereby improving the corrosion resistance of the material.


1.2. Principle of electro-zinc plating: Electro-zinc plating is based on the electrochemical reaction during the electrolysis process. Zinc is dissolved in the electrolyte in the form of an anode, and then reduced to a uniform and dense zinc coating on the surface of the object to be plated. This process achieves precise control over the thickness and quality of the coating by controlling the current and the composition of the electrolyte.


Galvanizing process


2.1. Hot-dip galvanizing process: The hot-dip galvanizing process includes steps such as degreasing, water washing, pickling, aid plating, drying, hot dip galvanizing, separation and cooling passivation. In this process, the iron parts undergo rigorous cleaning and are immersed in molten zinc to form a corrosion-resistant coating.


2.2. Electro-galvanizing process: The electro-galvanizing process includes steps such as chemical degreasing, hot water washing, water washing, electrolytic degreasing, strong corrosion treatment, electroplating of zinc-iron alloy, light extraction, passivation, water washing and drying. This process deposits zinc on the surface of the object to be plated through electrolysis, forming a dense protective layer.


Applicable scene


3.1. Applicable scenarios for hot-dip galvanizing: Since the zinc layer produced by hot-dip galvanizing is thick and has strong corrosion resistance, it is suitable for use in environments that require long-term weather resistance, especially structural parts in humid or highly corrosive environments.


3.2. Applicable scenarios for electro-galvanizing: The zinc layer generated by electro-galvanizing is thin and relatively low-priced. It is suitable for application in relatively dry environments, especially in scenarios that are cost-sensitive or do not require high corrosion resistance.


Prices and recommendations


4.1. Hot-dip galvanizing price and suggestions: Because the zinc layer of hot-dip galvanizing is thick and has good corrosion resistance, the price is higher. For the application of Structural Pipe Fittings in humid environments, it is recommended to choose the hot-dip galvanizing process to ensure long-term weather resistance and structural stability.


4.2. Electro-galvanizing price and suggestions: The zinc layer of electro-galvanizing is relatively thin and the price is relatively low. For Structural Pipe Fittings applications in dry environments, electro-galvanizing is an affordable and effective option, especially where corrosion resistance requirements are not particularly stringent.


The above is a detailed description of the galvanizing process principle, application scenarios and price suggestions of Structural Pipe Fittings. I hope it can provide reference and guidance for your decision-making. If you have any questions or further needs, please feel free to contact us.

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